Sheila Simpson Studio

Sea Stars and Ferry Views

Sea Life in Egg Tempera

Sea Stars became a focus in the several years ago, as they dwindled due to a wasting disease.  With all of the year round green in our environment, my eye looks for other colors.  Sea Stars, offer a wide range of color, and I am always pleased to see them.

The effect of their loss impacts all of the other parts of their ecosystem and I am aware of the delicate inter-balance of all the environments of our world.  These paintings honor the creatures of our tidal Puget Sound, which provide us with so much beauty, and sustenance.

Ferry Views in Egg Tempera

The primary way to get to the San Juan Islands in the state of Washington, where I live is by ferry boat.  

Prior to the pandemic in 2020, I used to commute several days a week to the town of Anacortes, on Fidalgo Island to work as an Art Therapist.  Viewing the world from the ferry is an exercise in paying attention to negative spaces. Whether it is viewing the landscape from the ferry, viewing parts of the ferry and passengers through structural space, or viewing the ferries from land, the framework defines the view.